Nasser Bourita: No Berlinian Solution to a North African Problem

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In the aftermath of the second Berlin conference on Libya and Morocco's second absence from this event, His Excellency Mr Nasser Bourita received in Rabat the President of the Libyan House of Representatives Aguilah Saleh. The long-awaited press conference held at the end of this meeting was rich in information.

Morocco chose not to attend despite the invitation to the second conference by the US President. It should be recalled that at the first one, Berlin considered its presence negligible.

The meeting concluded with Mr. Aguilah Saleh solidifies the position of Morocco as an essential actor for the resolution of the Libyan crisis, knowing that the Libyan Prime Minister, Mr. Abdelhamid Dabaiba, will visit the capital of the Kingdom this Sunday, June 27.

The press briefing held jointly with Mr Saleh clarified several points concerning this issue. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, Nasser Bourita, clarified several points on the Moroccan approach:

- Morocco's efforts for peace in Libya are part of an international process under the aegis of the UN

- Morocco is careful to avoid any foreign interference in the Libyan peace process, advocating a solution that emanates from the Libyans and is established by Libyan institutions first

- Free elections within the framework of Libyan sovereignty are the only way out of the crisis from above

And finally, Morocco aims to prevent Libya from being the subject of a diplomatic cakewalk for the appetites or soft power of foreign states, also being ready to put its diplomatic institutions at its service until the Libyan state recovers its full prerogatives.

Mr Bourita thus wishes to make Morocco's sovereign institutions the very tool for the protection of Libyan sovereignty. This seems curious until he adds: "There is no Berlin solution to a North African problem. But which conference exactly is he referring to?

The one of 1884-1885 held in the same city of Berlin, organised by Chancellor Bismarck, and dealing with the division of Africa, or the one of 2021, organised by Chancellor Merkel for the official purpose of pacifying Libya?

This conference was the affirmation of the starting point of German colonisation in Africa, and Namibia was colonised by Germany in the same year, while the vast Congo became the private estate of the King of the Belgians.

Source : World Economic Forum

Our kingdom has not forgotten for a single second that Greater Morocco was definitively carved up at the same Berlin conference in 1884/1885 by European imperialism, leading to the loss of its Sahara. It is therefore reasonable to insist that a North African problem should only be managed by the states of the region, as the European powers have proven throughout their history that their selfish, Eurocentric and imperialist policies only sow divisions and the proliferation of conflicts.

By seeking to protect Libyan sovereignty from foreign appetites, Morocco is in the vanguard of protecting African sovereignty. It draws on its thousand-year-old memory to understand and anticipate imperialist movements from abroad. Just like its struggle against France for the freedom of Algeria or its own struggle between 1844 and 1956 against the Spanish, French but also German armies for its own independence.

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